lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Late summer

Hat h&m - Bra SheIn - Skirt NewDress - Sunglasses NewDress - Sandals Quanticlo - Necklace, black rings Rogue + Wolf

Hi dears! I'm finally back from my tiny holiday in Bruxelles with tons of new outfit posts to share with you! Recently I got so many nice things and inspiration I couldn't wait any longer to shoot some new coords, I also thought about a new youtube video (finally) and I hope to have the time to film it soon. This outfit is one of my favorites of the ones I made this summer, I'm totally in love with the combination of this long and pleated skirt and this lace bralette with my usual big witchy hat and heavy makeup, it's easy, comfy and amazing to look! How did you spend your summer holidays? I hope you all had a great summer! Now it's time to go back to work or study and I know how depressing it feels T_T.

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

White overdose

Headband Lockshop - Dress Romwe - Cardigan Romwe - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Yru

I totally love wearing full white coordinates during summer, this one has some new items I got recently, the dress looks quite simple at the first sight but when you notice it's all made of net the story totally changes. The cardigan is a simple and lovely white one with some cute floral details on the sleeves and the bottom, perfect to fit a lot of different coords and styles! As usual I paired it with my favorite white Yru shoes, maybe I should add some other cool white pairs to my collection but I don't know where to find them XD. Today I'm leaving for my tiny holiday in Bruxelles so you won't see new posts this week but I will be on my social medias of course so if you want to see some pics of this beautiful city follow my Instagram!

sabato 22 agosto 2015

Urban touch

Jacket Romwe - Dress Romwe - Tights Japan - Shoes Yru - Necklaces Vivienne Westwood, Sammydress

Maybe you can notice in these latest pics how bad I felt that day x.x I'm really sorry for that! Unfortunetely I'm really stressed lately due to my University exams and daily life so sometimes I get sick just before some important date, I'm so unlucky sob. The outfit is quite simple but the combination of a black dress (this one is really cute and soft, the holes on the sleeves are lovely!) with a denim jacket is always a must for the fall season. I paired it with my favorite Yru shoes but I think it would be cute with a creepers pair too! I wish you all a great weekend cuties, I'll try to relax as much as I can these days.

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

Cheap outfits ideas #3

Hi cuties!
New post with some cheap outfits ideas both for summer and autumn! Of course just let me know if you want more posts like this :) I'm always really happy yo suggest you cool places where shop great items for cheap prices!

The first collage is for an easy and comfy summer coordinate! Platform sandals are my favorite for this season, especially to coordinate with mini skirts and crop tops. Every item looks simple but has some cool details that make the difference!

The second collage is something for autumn with some of my favorite items so far. The combination of black x silver accessories is perfect for every occasion and I'm so in love with this bucklet boots! The coordinate is comfy but at the same time cool and not casual. The little skull clutch is also pure love!

And lastly another fall outfit, this time black with a hint of gold! I love so much this kind of dress paired with my usual black hat for a instant witchy vibe ahahah, the shoes look really elegant but still edgy with the little black studs on them, they are the perfect pair to match both gold and silver accessories!

I hope you like this cheap outfits ideas post, it's one of my favorite with so many witchy items ahahah!

martedì 18 agosto 2015

Review: iFairy Siberian Grey + Elisabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins cosplay wig

Hi cuties! New double review for my always loved Uniqso shop :D lately I discovered some new products I was really curious to try especially because they're brand new and you can't find real life pics! I choose the new model i.Fairy Siberian grey (which it has my favorite design for circle lenses) and a very light mint wig for cosplay Elisabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins.

As always I got everything in a few days and without problems :D Dhl is the best shipping ever for me! And sorry for my caps lock but LOOK HOW CUTE THE NEW I.FAIRY PACKAGE IS, I'm dying for so much cuteness.

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     1 Tone
Diameter     16.2mm
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     55%

The lenses look really bright in the case but when you wear them they look quite natural and lovely, I really like the fact the design has the yellow part near the irid so it blends really well with my brown eyes. The effect is natural even if the lenses have a big diameter (16,2 mm) and I'm so in love with the final result, the color is really "siberian" like the model name! They're also so damn comfy, I wore them for a long day out and my eyes feel hydrated all the time, absolutely one of my favorite pairs in my collection! Of course they come with prescription as well and they're available in other two colors! You can get them HERE.

Color ★★★★ gorgeous grey color that fits well brown eyes !
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

-lovely grey color that fits every eyes color
-  lovely design 
- great for daily use
- perfect for  j-fashions coords
- big diameter
- really comfy
- noting!

The wig has a lovely light mint color, the quality is great, even if it's super long the wig is really soft and easy to comb. The wig is for Elisabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins cosplay, I saw many cosplayers using silver wigs but this one has a really cute mint tone (which you can see in her hair sometimes in the anime!) so it would be a different and unusual choice from the silver one :D. Of course it's an amazing wig you can use also for j-fashion coords, I totally love mint wigs for pastel goth coordinates! You can find it HERE. (I'm sorry in my pics thw wig was a bit unkempt 'cause the day was super windy D:)

Quality ★really high quality fiber!
 Color gorgeous mint color
 Softness super smooth and easy to comb 

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! :D

domenica 16 agosto 2015


Hat h&m - Tee Romwe - Skirt Dresslink - Necklace Rogue+Wolf - Sandals Jeffrey Campbell

The first time I saw this tee I knew I had to get it 'cause the print is so funny and perfect for me 8D how many of you are like this? I'm always in a bad mood when I'm hungry, for this reason I eat almost 5 times in a day ahahah. Let's talk about the outfit, I'm totally in love with the skirt because it looks good with almost everything, from the most casual things to the elegant ones, I wore it too much lately. I'm so sorry my necklace was a bit crooked in the pics but I hope you can still see how cute it's! I saw many girls wearing it as a "sailor moon tiara" and I want to try it this way too *u*

venerdì 14 agosto 2015


Hat h&m - Dress SheIn - Necklace, rings Rogue + Wolf - Sandals Jeffrey Campbell

Another summer look with a long dress, this one is really gorgeous, it looks like a normal black dress but it has two cut outs that make it different from the usual ones (and perfect for this torrid weather!). I can't wait to make some autumanal coords because it is my favorite season, I did so many summer outfits this year I'm totally shocked ahah I hope I can do the same work for the incoming season as well. Recently I got some cool jewellery from Rogue + Wolf and I'm so happy with them, you can see some of them in these pics too but I really need to take some better pics to make them justice! Do you have a favorite jewellery/accessories brands? I'm looking for some cool ones I don't know! (I'm also wearing a new circle lens model from Uniqso, it's the brand new i.Fairy Siberian and you'll see the review really soon!)

martedì 11 agosto 2015

Gold gal

Hat h&m - Necklace Rock 'n rose - Top Dresslink - Skirt Evris - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Shoes Quanticlo

Sometimes I can be more girly and make a sort of elegant coord without looking too elegant ahahah I think the whole outfit is toned down thanks to the casual top which is perfect for super hot summer days. It's also the first time you see my degree present from myself to myself (lol) I bought in November, it's the large Divina bag by Vivienne Westwood, it was one of my dream bags for so long time and you can maybe understand how happy I felt when I finally had the chance to get it with my own money and for such a great occasion like my University degree, this bag is totally a piece of my heart ahah! I just noticed how much I talk about this bag in this outfit post...ops, sorry for that! If you're interested I can do a post about my bag collection!

sabato 8 agosto 2015


Hat h&m - Top Dresslink - Skirt Dresslink - Bag h&m - Shoes Quanticlo

Casual coord from a few days ago, I'm totally in love with this top + skirt combination, lately I'm in the mood to try different styles and items I never tried before and the combination of a super casual top with a long and sheer lace skirt is something unusual for me but I like the final result! I also got recently this cool and super cheap tote bag from h&m and I think it's the perfect match with the top's print eheh, I'm always glad to find something cool in local stores for once. I'm really excited to see the next autumn/winter collections of my favorite brands 8D but at the same time I hope they won't be too amazing 'cause I'll be forever poor all winter. I totally forgot to say you can use the code "Blog15" for a 10% discount on your Dresslink order ;)